Aviva Young Scholar Hunt Contest

Aviva Young Scholar Hunt Contest In India

It’s time you gave yourself a chance; a chance to achieve your dreams, a chance to prove yourself, a chance to make your parents proud, a chance for a better & brighter future ahead!

CNN-IBN in association with ICRI, ILAM & Maples presents Aviva Young Scholar Hunt Contest! Participate by registering yourself here on this website and complete to become the Aviva Young Scholar! You stand a chance to win a Fully Paid Scholarship Programme in emerging career verticals with immense potential for a bright, promising and successful future!

In a first of its kind initiative, CNN-IBN provides a platform where you can participate in this TELEVISED CONTEST and with your aptitude, intelligence, knowledge and passion you can go ahead and win a fully paid scholarship for a valued degree/diploma in Clinical Research, Management or Aviation.

Unleash your hidden spark! Participate in the contest and prove your worth to the world...

Welcome to CNN-IBN’s Aviva Young Scholar!

More Details please visit : http://ibnlive.in.com/avivayoungscholar

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