BK School of Business Management

BK School of Business Management 2008

The school selects the students through the Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GCET), which is a two-stage screening process.

The first stage is a written test, which measures candidates’ quantitative, verbal and analytical skills.

The second stage comprising of group discussion and personal interview seeks to assess their communication and interpersonal skills.

The school has consistently attracted the top 60 students out of a pool of more than 14000 students appearing for GCET.

The School also has several Extension Programs like:

1) A 3 year Part time MBA Program for working professionals that provides synergy to the Full time students giving a practical insight of the corporate world.

2) The School also runs a Port Management course keeping in mind the increasing importance of ports, especially in the industrial environment of Gujarat.

3) The School conducts Extension Management Development Programs and In-Company Programs for the benefit of the corporates.

To mention a few, the School has recently conducted two Programs for Reserve Bank of India, Ahmedabad.

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