CAT 2008 Admission Process

IIM CAT November 2008 Admission Process

1. Performance in CAT is an important input in the admission process and is the primary basis for shortlisting candidates for the second round of admission process, which comprises of group discussion and/or personal interview. Candidates should note that it is important to perform well relative to other candidates in each section of the test as the scores in each section and the overall score are used to short list the candidates for the second round. These scores may also be used for final ranking as well. In addition to the performance in CAT, IIMs may use academic performance, relevant work experience and other similar inputs for ranking and shortlisting candidates for group discussions and personal interviews.

2. Please note that each IIM shortlists candidates for Group Discussions (GD) and/or Personal Interviews (PI) independent of other IIMs. Hence it is possible to observe variations in the list of candidates shortlisted by different IIMs. For more details, candidates are advised to read carefully the admission process related information of each IIM, as given in section 4 of the CAT Bulletin and on the web sites of respective IIMs.

3. Details of candidates shortlisted by different IIMs for group discussion and/or interview will be made available on CAT website ( on January 9, 2009. Shortlisted candidates would also be sent letters from the respective IIMs. GD/PI are conducted by each IIM separately.

4. After the GD/PI round, admission offers are made by IIMs to successful candidates. The ranking and final selection is based on a diverse set of attributes and may include performance in CAT, performance in GD/PI, academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements, work experience etc. The weights given to each of these attributes may vary across IIMs as the admission process of each IIM, subsequent to CAT is independent.

5. Disclosure of information about the admission process at IIMs is driven by concerns, which at times conflict with each other. The IIMs would like the admission process to be transparent. At the same time, IIMs would wish to protect the privacy of individual candidates and confidentiality of the process to prevent abuse. Based on these considerations, the performance of an individual is not made available to any other person. Similarly, the performance of candidates in GD/PI including assessment of attributes mentioned under paragraph 4 of this box is not disclosed to anyone to prevent exercise of undue pressure on the panelists participating in the admission/selection process.

Moreover, each IIM exercises its own discretion in disclosing weights assigned to diverse sets of attributes mentioned under paragraph 4 above. To ensure that the resultant lack of transparency does not in any way affect the candidates negatively, adequate care is taken in formation of panel, development of objective criteria for assessment, random allocation of candidates to a panel and other such measures.

6. Candidates, who appeared in GD / PI will be able to view whether they have been offered admission by different IIMs on April 10, 2009 by visiting the websites of respective IIMs. Admission offer letter would be sent to all successful candidates by different IIMs for which the candidates have been selected. Candidates, who are offered admission, need to confirm their acceptance by completing all the required formalities by May 1, 2009. Some candidates may also be placed on the waiting list initially on April 10, 2009. Offer made by an IIM.

Note: Last date for receiving the completed CAT Application Form: September 5, 2008.

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