Combined Matric Level Exam - Age Relaxation

SSC Combined Matric Level Examination 2008 Age Relaxation

4(D) Age-relaxation for central government civilian employees:

For the post of Stenographers Grade ‘C’, this upper age limit is relaxable upto 35 years (40 years for SC/ST and 38 years for OBC) for above mentioned category.

For the posts of LDCs and Stenographers Grade ‘D’, the Upper age limit is relaxable upto 40 years (45 years for SC/ST candidates and 43 years for OBC candidates) for the Central Government Civilian Employees.

Note: The Central Government Civilian Employees should have rendered not less than 3 years continuous service on regular basis (and not on Ad-hoc basis) as on 01.08.2008 and should have remained in Central Government service holding civil post in various Department/Offices of the Government of India till the candidate receives Offer of Appointment from the Office/Department where the candidate gets finally recommended for appointment through the examination.Save as provided above, the limits prescribed above, shall in no case be relaxed.


4 (E) Process of certification and format of certificates:

The details of the categories of disabilities allowed/eligible for the posts in accordance with extant guidelines of M/Social Justice Empowerment to be recruited through theinstant examination are as follows:

Sl NoName of PostNature of physical Disabilities permissible for the post
1.Stenographer Gr. “C”One Leg(OL), Both Legs(BL), Partially Blind(PB), Blind(B)
2.Stenographer Gr. “D”One Leg(OL), Both Legs(BL), Partially Blind(PB),Blind(B)
3.LDCsOne Arm(OA), One Leg(OL), Both Legs(BL),Partially Deaf(PD), Deaf(D),Partially Blind(PB),Blind(B)

Candidates who wish to be considered against vacancies reserved/or seek age-relaxation, must submit requisite certificate from the competent authority alongwith their application for the examination, otherwise, their claim for SC/ST/OBC/PH/ExS status will not be entertained and their candidature/applications will be considered under General(UR) category candidates. The nature format of certificate is as under:

  1. Annexure VI for SC/ST category candidates;
  2. Annexure VII for OBC category candidates;
  3. Annexure VIII/IX for PH category candidates; and
  4. Annexure IV/V for ExS category candidates.
  5. Annexure XI for VH candidates for engaging Scribe.

Note-I: Candidates claiming the benefit of reservation under OBC category not covered under the Creamy Layer must ensure that they furnish the OBC Certificate duly signed by the competent authority before or by the Closing Date in the FORMAT prescribed by the Commission in the Notice as Annexure-VII. Any deviation of the OBC Certificate Format from the present prescribed format will not be accepted by the Commission and will lead such applications to be treated under General (UR) category.

Representations from candidates for reconsideration of their category at subsequent stages of the recruitment will not be entertained. The Commission will however have the discretionary power to reduce/waive off any of the provisions in exceptional and deserving cases.

Note:II The closing date for receipt of application will be treated as the date of reckoning for OBC status of the candidate and also, for assuming that the candidate does not fall in the creamy layer.

The candidate should furnish the relevant OBC Certificate in the format prescribed for Central Government jobs as per Annexure-VII issued by the competent authority on or before the Closing Date stipulated in the Notice. OBC Certificate obtained otherwise than the prescribed certificate meant for Central Government jobs will not be considered for seeking relaxation / reservation whatsoever.

Note-III: Candidates are warned that they may be permanently debarred from the examination conducted by the Commission in case candidates fraudulently claim SC/ST/OBC/ExS/PH status.

4 (F) Important Requirement Of PH Certificate

A disability certificate shall be issued by a Medical Board duly constituted by the Central and the State Government. The State Government may constitute a Medical Board consisting of at least 3 members, out of which, at least, one member shall be a Specialist from the relevant field.

The certificate would be valid for a period of 5 years for those whose disability is temporary. For those who acquired permanent disability, the validity can be shown as ‘permanent’.

According to the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Rules, 1996 notified on 31.12.1996 by the Central Government in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-Section (1) and (2) of Section 73 of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 (1 of 1996), authorities to give disability Certificate will be a Medical Board duly constituted by the Central and the State Government.

The State government may constitute a Medical Board consisting of at least three members out of which at least one shall be a specialist in the particular field for assessing locomotor / hearing and speech disability, mental retardation and leprosy cured, as the case may be.

Note: Central Govt. Civilian Employees claiming the benefit of age-relaxation as Central Govt. employee, would be required to submit a Certificate (as per Annexure-III) by their office indicating length of service at the time of applying for the examination to enable the Commission to decide their eligibility. They may send their applications directly to the Commission after intimating their Head of Office/Department and need not send another copy through proper channel. However, in case they decide to send Application through proper channel, they must ensure that the application complete in all respects should reach Staff Selection Commission by the CLOSING DATE. Applications shall be rejected if received late and/or not complete in all respects as provided in rules.

4(G) Conditions regarding engaging of Scribe for visually handicapped candidates with visual disability of forty percent and above for appearing in the Combined Matric Level Exam-2008

Visually handicapped (VH) candidates including Blind and partially blind persons with visual disability of forty percent and above can avail the assistance of a SCRIBE for indicating/writing replies on their behalf both for the Preliminary and Mains of the Examination. Such visually handicapped candidates will have to appear for the Examination from one of these Examination Centres viz., New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Guwahati, Allahabad, Chandigarh and Raipur, at their own risk and expense.

They will also have to indicate/state the medium in which the Scribe would be required to write the replies of the questions set in the examination on his/her behalf both in the Preliminary Examination and in the Main Examination. Relevant information, including the Degree of Disability in order to authenticate their status as Visually Handicapped candidates, will have to be furnished in the prescribed requisition form as per Annexure-XI to the concerned Regional/Sub-Regional Offices by the Visually Handicapped (with visual disability of forty percent and above and opting for engaging SCRIBE) alongwith the Application Form for the Combined Matric Level Exam-2008, failing which the Commission will not entertain any subsequent request for providing Scribe to the candidate in the examination.

The Commission will not make available the Question Papers of the examination meant for visually handicapped candidates at Examination Centres other than the above nine Centres designated for such candidates and the facility of engaging SCRIBE will also not be available at other Examination Centres.

No question paper will be provided in Braille and there will be no option for answering replies in braille.

Candidates will not be allowed to bring their own scribe in the Combined Matric Level Examination-2008. A Scribe will be provided by the Commission on receipt of prior request from the candidates.

The Question Paper for VH candidates including the Question Paper on ARTHMETIC will not have any component of Map/Graphs/ Statistical Data or Diagrams/Geometrical Problems/Figures etc.

The visually handicapped, including blind and partially blind candidates with visual disability of forty percent or above will be allowed to bring their own Tailor frame and braille slate with paper for solving Arithmetical problems.

No Attendant with VH candidates will be allowed inside the examination premises.

All the visually handicapped candidates opting for scribe will most likely be accommodated at one examination venue of the designated examination centre.

candidates must correctly indicate their option for availing assistance of scribe in application form.

Duties of Scribe

The Scribe will read out the questions to the candidates and on the instructions of the candidate who will clearly state what has to be written / indicated as answers against each question, the scribe will then write / indicate the answers on the OMR Answer Sheet accordingly as instructed in the Question Booklet / OMR Answer Sheet.

An Invigilator shall exclusively be posted with every VH candidate who has opted for a Scribe to ensure that only the answers spelt out by the candidate are indicated by the Scribe on the answer book.

Provision of Extra time

The Visually Handicapped candidates will be allowed Extra Time in the examination, the details of which are given in Para 16(I) under the Heading ‘Scheme of Combined Matric Level Examination’.

Provision for one eyed candidates and visually handicapped candidates using Magnifying Glass whose visual Degree of Disability is less than forty percent

One eyed candidates and visually handicapped candidates whose visual Degree of Disability is less than forty percent will not be considered as visually handicapped persons. Further, partially blind candidates who are able to read the normal Question Paper set for all the candidates with or without magnifying glass and who wish to write/indicate the answer with the help of Magnifying Glass will be allowed to use the Magnifying Glass in the Examination Hall and will not be provided with a Scribe.

However, such candidates will have to bring their own Magnifying Glass in the Examination Hall. Further, such candidates may opt for any of the Examination Centre as mentioned in the Commission’s Notice including the nine Examination Centres designated for the Visually Handicapped candidates including blind and partially blind candidates whose visual Degree of Disability is more than forty percent. Further, such candidates will not be provided with the Question paper set/meant for visually handicapped candidates who require the assistance of a scribe.