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Student Education Loans by Dhanalakshmi Bank


Purpose of Loan

  • Payment of Fees (Admission and Tuition). 
  • Purchase of Books and Study material. 
  • Purchase of Equipment / Instruments 
  • Hostel fees / Boarding charges. 
  • For studies Abroad - Air travel, incidental charges, Purchase of Outfit (Clothing & other equipment) will also be included. 


Applicant should furnish a copy of Annual Expenditure provided in the information brochure issued by the College/ University.


For Higher studies in India.

  • Students of Indian Nationality (both Minor and Major)
  • Parents of the students can also apply for the loan, or jointly with the student and may repay from their existing sources.


Courses Eligible

I Graduate and Post-graduate Degree/ Diploma Courses

  • Courses in Computer Science/ Application 
  • Courses in Engineering discipline. 
  • Courses in Medical science, Dental science, Pharmacy. 
  • Courses in Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences. 


II Post-graduate courses in Arts, General Science, Commerce, Management.
(From Recognized Colleges/ University)

III P.G.Diploma in Computer application.
(From reputed institutes such as NIIT, APTECH, BITECH, SSI etc)

For Studies Abroad

  • Indian Nationals over 18 years of age. 
  • The applicant should produce a copy of the Result of Qualifying/ Mandatory examination such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, AGRE, GMAT etc together with a copy of valid passport, proof of Admission to the College/ University and a copy of the Visa/ Form I-20 

Courses Eligible (For Courses Abroad)

  • Under-graduate courses in Biological & Natural sciences, Computer sciences, Engineering. 
  • Post-graduate courses in the above Disciplines and Business Administration. 

(Applicant should submit a Brief report on the prospects of the course.)

Academic Background
(For both in India and Abroad)

Applicant/Student should have passed the qualifying examination securing a position eligible for admission, for the course opted for study.

Duration of course

The duration of the course should be not more than 5 years in case of courses in India and not more than 3 years in case of courses Abroad.

Loan Amount:

Click on the link Loan Amount to view the details of loan amount.

Holiday Period:

Duration of the course plus 6 months or getting a job, whichever is earlier.

Rate of interest:

  • Upto Rs 4.00 lakhs : BPLR - 1 % (pa) 
  • Above Rs.4.00 lakhs: BPLR (pa) 

Interest during the holiday period to be cleared by the parent/guardian

Documents Required:

  • The applicant should furnish photocopies of all the Certificates of previous examinations. (SSC onwards) 
  • A certificate from the College/University authorities stating that the student is continuing education should be submitted every year. 

Other conditions:

  • The Applicant/ Student should notify the bank the receipt of any form of Scholarship/Partial or Full assistance from any source, for the course of study and the same to be adjusted to the loan amount. 
  • In case the student discontinues the studies, the loan amount till then availed, must be repaid as per the original repayment schedule, without any holiday period and from the date of discontinuance of the course. 
  • The applicant student should not enter into a pecuniary obligation or financial liability during the currency of the loan. 
  • The borrower should not, without the Bank’s written prior permission, change the course of studies or the place of study or the educational institution.
  • In case the applicant fails in a year, then the loan amount should be suspended, and resumed only after he/she passes the exam. But if the College has provision for continuing to the next academic year, even if the student has failed in a subject, then the loan amount earmarked for the subsequent year may be disbursed. 


  • Up to Rs.4.00 lakhs: No security. 
  • Above Rs.4.00 lakhs :Collateral in the form of a satisfactory guarantee 
  • Security of approved shares / insurance polices with Surrender value/ NSC/ IVP/ Bank deposits etc. And/or Collateral security of land/ Building property equivalent to loan amount.