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General queries about exam preparation

What is the best way to prepare for exams?

  1. Make note of exam date so that you can plan your preparation.

  2. Stick to the syllabus

  3. Practice alot of sample questions and previous year papers.

  4. Try to find pattern from previous year papers. Some universities ask more questions from a topic or formula. Few universities even repeat questions.

  5. Revise often. When you pick new topic revise old ones.

  6. As you reach close to examination date, don't pick new topic, revise what you already know.


How to attempt objective questions?

  1. Confirm if paper has negative marking. If there is no negative marking, it advisable not to leave any question un-answered.

  2. If you don't know the answer, try to rule out options. That increases your chances of correct answer.

  NOTE: Even if there is negative marking, it is still a good idea to guess if you can rule out single option. However don't do this if negative marking is more than 1/2

  3. Go through complete paper once and mark questions in the topics you are good at or questions which you can attempt fast.

  4. Don’t get struck to a single question. If question is taking time leave it and proceed to next question.

  5. If you get extra time revise your solutions

NOTE: Don’t panic. If paper is tough, it is tough for everyone.


I have only 1 week left to prepare for entrance exam. What should I do?

Well I would not like to be in your position. Anyways since you are looking for an answer…

  1. Don't try to prepare new stuff it might not help. Revise thoroughly what you already know.

  2. Try to solve or read solutions (remember you have less time to prepare), of previous year question papers for the entrance exam concerned. PrepareYourExam might have past question paper.

  3. Pray God. You need it :)


MCA - Master of Computer Application


I don't have maths as main subject in my graduation, but have maths as my subject in 12th standard. Can I still pursue MCA?

Yes definitely. Please see the links given below: -







But mind you, you might have still answer maths questions in entrance exam


I don't have maths as main subject in my 12th standard as well as graduation. Can I still pursue MCA?

In that case you have fewer choices, please check below: -



But mind you, you might have still answer maths questions in entrance exam

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