Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists


The Department of Science and Technology, through Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists, provides quick research funding to young scientists below the age of 35 years (relaxable by 5 years in the case of SC/ST/OBC, woman and physically handicapped category) to undertake independent research in newly emerging and frontier areas of science and engineering. The details of the scheme are as follows:- 


1. To provide quick research support to young scientists for pursuing exciting and innovative research ideas. 
2. To provide opportunities for interaction and exchange of ideas with scientific community. 
3. To involve young scientists in national S&T development process. 


1. The applicant should possess any of the following degrees:- 
(a) Ph.D in Basic Science (Life Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Earth & Atmospheric Science, Mathematical Science), Engineering/Technology, Medicine/Surgery, Pharmacy, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Science or equivalent. 

(b) Masters degree in Engineering/Technology, Medicine/Surgery, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Agriculture or equivalent. 

2. The candidate should be less than 35 years on the date on which the application is received in DST. However age relaxation of 5 years would be given to scientists belonging to SC/ST/OBC, Women and Physically Handicapped category. 


1. The funding is provided up to a maximum of Rs.17.00 lakhs (excluding overhead charges) for a period not exceeding three years. If the proposed objectives can be achieved in less than three years, the budget may be reduced accordingly. 
2. Funds are provided for equipments, consumables, travel and contingency. Additionally, the applicant if not holding a regular position or not drawing any other fellowship/stipend/salary, can draw a fellowship amount of Rs.20, 000/- per month (all inclusive). The fellowship amount is taxable. In cases, where the applicant is holding a regular position, he/she can seek a manpower at junior level (JRF, Project Assistant, etc.) 
3. “Overhead Charges” @ 20% of the project cost will be provided to the implementing institution over and above the project cost. 

General Guidelines for Submission 

1. The applicant should fulfill the eligibility criteria (education & age) as given under ‘Eligibility’. 
2. The funding is upto a maximum of Rs.17.00 lakhs (excluding overheads) for a period not exceeding three years. 
3. All care must be taken to write a good scientific proposal (A copy of the model proposal is put on the website for reference). The proposal should contain significant novelty and should lead to enrichment of scientific knowledge in the field. Routine extension of Ph.D or any other work will be discouraged. The candidates who are unemployed and drawing fellowship from the project are encouraged to choose the place of work different from the place where they have completed their Ph.D or other degree obtained in the immediate past. 
4. Projects which involve Recombinant DNA work should be examined and certified by Institutional Biosafety Committee. 
5. Projects, which are clinically oriented or projects, which involve experiments with human and/or animal material, should be examined and certified by Institutional Ethics Committee. 
6. All the required information should be given in the text of the proposal itself and not as annexures. 
7. Incomplete application and application lacking scientific/technical details will not be considered. 
8. At the time of submission of proposals, it is not necessary to get it forwarded by any Institute/ Laboratory. 
9. Ten (10) copies of the proposal, in the format given below, neatly typed on A-4 size paper, should be submitted to DST at any time during the year to the following address: 

Head, SERC 
Department of Science & Technology 
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road 
New Delhi-110016 
Telefax: 011-26963695

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