Nat Geo Junior Hunt - 2

Nat Geo Junior Hunt 

The quest is to find India's superkid - a 'Nat Geo Junior' - one who is curious, adventurous, articulate, energetic and smart and embodies the very values that Nat Geo stands for, and Yahoo! loves. This is a platform to provide the best learning experience for India's brightest kids.

It all begins with the innovative 'Think again' test happening in schools across the nation. Worried that Nat Geo is not coming to your school for the 'Think again'? Fear not, because you can now take the test online, right here on this site. The toppers in the quiz (and 100 winners of a cool Yahoo! Answers contest - click on 'quiz' tab for more details) go through to the next round.

All you have to do is use your Yahoo ID and register! (And if you do not have one, we'll help you get one - it's simple and free) So what are you waiting for? Click on the 'Register' button now!!

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