Selection Criteria for IIM Bangalore

Selection Criteria for IIM Bangalore

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, (IIM-B) has released the admission process for 2009.

The selection criteria and weights are based on past academic performance, CAT score, performance in group discussion, interview and prior work experience, among others. The parameters are based on previous data and inputs from the faculty and others. The data are revised every year. But this year they are similar to the admission process for last year's batch.

A committee will fix the criteria and weightage at the beginning of each session before screening applicants so that the parameters do not reflect a bias.

There are two phases of selection

Phase 1

* Eligible candidates from CAT 2008 will be called GD and interview.

* In the GD and interview, two faculty members will test candidates related to their current performance, work experience, etc. The scores combined with those of pre-GD and interview will be accumulated for second and final phases

* For candidates in the first shortlist (table 1, see box), scores in 10th and 12th board exams have been adjusted by dividing each score by 90 percentile scored in the board.

* Candidates with CA course are eligible under professional course. No other professional course is eligible
* For those in the first shortlist, work experience score and professional course score is considered under a common weightage of 10.

* For candidates in the first shortlist as stated in (1), other than work experience or professional course, the weightage for the remaining four components (each of them being standardized) are fixed as: CAT = 20, 10th board = 15, 12th board = 10, UG degree = 15.

* For those in the first shortlist (1), the weighted total of the five components (a) work experience or professional course (b) CAT (c) 10th board (d) 12th board (e) UG degree is used to make a pre-GD and interview rank filter.

* Candidates in GD and interview are evaluated through: (a) GD (b) GD summary content (c) GD summary style (d) personal interview (e) review of work experience (if any).

Phase 2

* For the four elements -- GD, GD summary content, GD summary style and interview -- the average scores given by the two interviewing professors will be considered.

* Each faculty will use the interview to evaluate the candidate's motivation and ability to fit in and benefit from the programme. Candidates will have to provide three confidential reference letters from their employers or faculty.

* GD (weight = 5), GDSC (weight = 5), GDSS (weight = 5), interview (weight = 20).