Stockholm Challenge Award 2008 ICT Award Nomination

The online e-magazine kidsRgreen has been nominated for the prestigious Stockholm Challenge Award 2008

The Centre for Environment Education’s website for children, developed and maintained by Children’s Media Unit, has been selected to be a finalist for the Stockholm Challenge Award 2008 in the category of environment. CEE’s entry kidsRgreen is an online e-magazine for children.

One of its objectives is to see a transformation in the way the web is utilized by learners as learning support material. The Stockholm Challenge is a pioneer among ICT awards and networking organizations showcasing best ICT examples for people and society. The Challenge is announced every two years.

Selection Process:

Those who put in their entries had to furnish elaborate details about the projects. These included the role of ICT in achieving organizational objective empowerment of target groups and identifying user needs. The project had to clearly demonstrate social impacts and sustainability. Three mandatory referees had to be nominated by each entry. The referees had to review the entry and confirm its accuracy and fairness.

This year the award jury has studied 400 projects and selected 145 finalists, spread over the six Stockholm Challenge Award categories; Culture, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health and Public Administration.

All the 145 finalists will come together for a series of events proposed during May 19-22 in Kista in Stockholm. The winners will be announced on May 22.

Te Stockholm Challenge ( is an ICT for development programme of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The Award is supported by Sida, City of Stockholm and Ericsson.

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