Thane Janata Sahakari Bank Education Loan | Education Loan in India | Student Loan in India

Student Education Loans by Thane Janata Sahakari Bank


To meet expenditure of fees, educational equipment,
 Books, computer, peripherals for education of self / children
Occupations: Salaried / Self employed / Businessman.
Gross Income: Above Rs. 8,000/- p.m. Age: Min. 21 years, 
 Max. 60 years at loan maturity. Repayment capacity it will be
 Considered on total income of the applicant and
 Co-applicant. Student as Co-Applicant. 

 Loan Amount 

  • Maximum upto Rs. 15.00 Lacs. (For Loan above Rs.1.00 Lac

       equivalent collateral security is required)

  • Within India : Rs.10.00 Lacs max. Abroad : Rs. 15.00 Lacs max.

Maximum up to 7 years + 18 months moratorium.

 Rate of Interest @ 11 % p.a. on DAILY reducing balance

 Service Charges 1% of the Loan Amount (Minimum Rs. 1000/- )

 (If the property is offered as collateral security)
 Guarantee/Surety Personal Guarantee of one/two person(s) depending
 upon income /means.

 Pre payment 
No Penalty for pre-payment. (2% penalty only in case of take over)

 Documents Required

  • Income Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
  • Residential Proof of Applicant(s) & Guarantor(s)
  • Original Quotation / Invoice,   etc
  • Bank Account Statement One Year 

 Loan Installment EMI per Rs.1, 00,000/- Loan Amount