University Of Salford Scholarships

University of Salford Postgraduate South Asia Bursary Scheme 

Amount/Value : GBP2,000 or GBP1,000

Description : Terms and Conditions 2008/9

1. Application

No application is required. There is no need to complete a separate application, your main application will be considered and you will be awarded a bursary if you are assessed as fulfilling the necessary requirements.


2. Eligibility

All successful applicants are eligible for a bursary.

* These awards are only eligible to students paying overseas fees from South Asia. This is defined as students either holding a passport from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal or Sri Lanka

* All applicants for postgraduate taught programmes and who are eligible for a place at the University will automatically be considered for a bursary. Successful qualifying candidates are awarded bursary as noted:

If your annual tuition fees are GBP9,000 or above, a bursary of GBP2,000 will be automatically deducted from your tuition fees.

If your annual tuition fees are below GBP9,000, a bursary of GBP1,000 will be automatically deducted from your tuition fees.

* Applicants must be available to take up your programme place based on the following dates: - September 2008 or January / February 2009 (depending when programmes commence.)

Postgraduate applicants from the Indian sub-continent are not eligible for the

University of Salford Postgraduate Overseas Excellence Scholarships.
The eligibility criteria is renewed annually.

3. Allocation

All students who met the eligibility criteria will automatically receive this bursary. Students will be informed if they have been offered a bursary when their final results for their degree have been submitted to the Admissions Office.

4. Terms & Conditions that apply to qualifying applicants.

* Qualifying applicants may only be awarded one University of Salford scholarship or bursary.
* This bursary cannot be used as a method of paying the university study deposit.
* International fee status applicants in receipt of the bursary would still be entitled to claim an early payment discount when registering at the University. They would not be entitled to any other discount or bursary/ scholarship offered by the University.
* This bursary is only available to full-time postgraduate taught students studying a full diet of modules. This bursary will not be awarded to students undertaking a pre-masters programme; a Post Graduate Diploma or upgrading from a PGDip to a Masters by subsequently undertaking a dissertation.
* Exchange students or students registering on programmes franchised or taught overseas are not eligible to receive this bursary.
* The award of a South Asia Bursary award takes the form of a reduction in the tuition fee payable, it is not a cash award. All other expenses, including the remainder of the tuition fees, and travel/ living expenses shall remain the responsibility of the successful applicant.
* The bursary is offered for the fixed length of the programme.
* The bursary is of a fixed value and it does not increase with inflation.
* Sponsored students (defined as by a government/ company) receive the same bursary as self-paying students. As the bursary is discounted from the fee; it is therefore a reduction in fees for the official sponsor.
* The University is only able to defer a bursary on one occasion and only when formally requested by the student to admissions, with a valid reason for this and only if circumstances merit this decision being taken will this be granted.
* All registering students awarded a bursary agree to allow Admissions/ International Relations to share certain data (name, course, student ID number, institution, etc. as required) with other parties within the University.
* We may also use information collected regarding the bursary holders in our University Marketing activities; however, students addresses and telephone numbers will not be given out without permission from the student, via a request from us.
* We may feature your interview/photo/profile/story on the University of Salford website and/or other University publications and will normally ask for your permission/approval prior to publishing this.
* The University reserves the right to utilise this information in the promotion of the University and in any other student recruitment and/or Bursary/ Scholarship promotion activities.
* The University decision over the equivalence and eligibility of your qualification is final.
* The University reserves the right to discontinue or amend the scheme in future years

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